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Pest Control

In void properties insects, fleas and rodents live unchecked and are able to multiply at ease. Using the latest techniques and formulas we provide pest control services tailored to overcome these problems, with quality results to rival any organisation in the UK.

Insects, fleas and rodent infestations can be resolved within 24 hours by our Qualified Pest Controllers, who can eradicate and eliminate the problem quickly and with minimal disruption.

Do you have problems with bugs, fleas, rodents and other pests in your properties, let Red Bric come to the rescue!

Pest ControlRed Bric Can help you with the following:-
  • Identification of pests 
  • Origin of problem exposed 
  • Application of specialist pesticides 
  • Course of treatment provided if necessary 
  • Covers fleas, rats, mice, bees, wasps, ants, pigeons and more 
  • Service Benefits 
  • Eradication of current pests 
  • Elimination of future problems 
  • Pest free properties 
  • Advice on ongoing treatment for severer or seasonal infestations