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Needle Sweep, Collection And Removal

Needle Sweep, Collection and Removal: Found infectious needles in or around your properties.

35.9 million needles are issued in the UK each year and only 20% are returned. 28 million needles are recklessly discarded across the streets and properties of Britain each year, the majority infected with deadly diseases. Hepatitis rates among UK drug users is well over 60%.

Would you really want to risk infection to yourself, your employees or even the public?

Never attempt to clear or clean or commence work on properties that contain, or are suspected to contain, any drug paraphernalia, needle, syringe, sharp or other blood contaminated items. 

Needle Sweep, Collection And RemovalRed Bric Can help you with the following:- 
  • Approved and qualified Operatives trained in-house
  • Full sweep of property prior to removal 
  • Correct PPE, tools and containment devices used 
  • All health and safety regulations adhered to
  • We remove the risk to you, your employees and the public 
  • Deadly infection from needle stick injuries is eliminated 
  • Disposal of needle meets current legislation 
  • Our service is renowned as the best in our industry