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Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime Scene Clean Up & Biohazard Cleanup

We can provide property managers, landlords, management agents and facilities managers a service that will remove and dispose of all hazardous waste from your properties, leaving it infection free and hygienically clean. 

Due to the risks involved from HIV and Hepatitis infections, this is a specialist service that should only be carried out by SPS and our Qualified Technicians. Never attempt to undertake body fluid clean up services or commence work on a property that contains, or is suspected to contain, any blood or body fluid contaminated items. 

Crime Scene Clean Up & Biohazard CleanupRed Bric Can help you with the following:- 
  • Assessment and survey provided
  • Risk Assessment and Method Statements produced
  • Clearance of large soiled items
  • Removal of needles and sharps where identified
  • Disposal of hazardous waste complies with British Law
  • Property is provided a high specification deep clean
  • Clean and disinfect property
  • Viruses such as HIV, MRSA and Hepatitis are killed
  • Your health and safety requirements are met
  • Risk of infection to you, your employees and the public is eliminated